Xcode, for those who aren’t aware, is the name Apple gives its suite of developer tools. It includes the Xcode IDE, as well as an array of various command-line tools and GUI apps that all aid in the process of developing software for Apple platforms.

However, as any iOS or Mac developer is surely aware, people have a really difficult time capitalizing Xcode. Following Apple’s other naming schemes it is often styled as xCode or the even worse XCode. Sometimes lazily appearing as xcode.

As someone who is somewhat of a perfectionist and is irritated by seeing this silly error over and over again, I forked Steven Frank’s cloud-to-butt browser extension and made Xcode Stylerizer, an extension that simply walks the DOM after the page has loaded and fixes all incorrectly styled instances of Xcode.

All installation instructions are available on GitHub in the README and I welcome pull requests and issue reports. Happy Xcode’ing.

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